MotionSense Classes for the Masses

In her Awareness Through Movement® teaching Becci Parsons brings an intimate knowledge of the intricacies of bone, joint, tendon, and muscle workings in the simple acts of standing, walking, sitting and lying down and moving between these planes. She has helped me bring back to life weakened and poorly functioning legs and feet through her guided ‘explorations’ of movement. I take home from each class thorough descriptions of how to practice these explorations every day. My balance is better. I have more strength and confidence walking, hiking and even dancing without pain or wobbles. And, perhaps best of all, her classes are so much fun, with the laughter that comes when people share common suffering and little successes.
— Betsy B.

Put the fun in function and the rest in restore

Walk, Run, Sit, Turn, Garden, Bike, Hike, Dance, Meditate, Play, Sleep, Work, Work Out, Practice Yoga, Get Off The Couch, Mow The Yard, Pet The Dog, Rest, Smile, Enjoy Life… with the greatest of ease.

All classes and workshops are suitable for first time students. Unless otherwise indicated, you may drop in to classes at any time. If you have questions about specific health concerns or your ability to participate, contact me.