MotionSense Ergonomics

High touch-low tech solutions for lively human beings.

What I’m after isn’t flexible bodies but flexible brains. What I’m after is to restore each person to their human dignity.
— Moshe Feldenkrais

Cultivate Comfort At Home, At Work... In Life

Movement matters. Whether we are engaged in a pleasurable or daunting task, there is a direct relationship between how we move and how we feel. What matters most are the tiny, habitual movements that often fly below the radar of our self-perception.

Pay attention. With so many things competing for our attention, cultivating comfort in the workplace can be particularly challenging. The subtle twist in our spine that aligns our eyes with the computer screen, the jut of our head forward to focus our gaze or the lift of our wrists while composing our next thought may appear as background "noise" until they manifest as painful repetitive stress injuries. 

Learn To Work Smarter, Not Harder

Working "smarter" is about paying attention to how we move within the constraints of any environment and adapting in ways that don’t cause harm. It’s about flexing the muscle of "sensitivity" to refine our actions, make positive choices and promote our own well being.

I offer MotionSense Ergonomics as private consultations, workshops, and in Workplace Wellness programs.