Private Consultation

There are not many places where I can learn more about myself in an hour than on Becci Parsons’ Feldenkrais® table. Over the years she has guided me through difficult injuries and habitual contractions with a clarity and sensitivity of touch that is alive with a heartfelt and graceful intelligence.
— Thomas A.

Initiate Positive Change from the Inside

Our health and well-being can be measured by our ability to recover from life’s challenges.  

Feldenkrais private sessions, also known as Functional Integration® lessons, provide a personal, in-depth inquiry into the patterns of thinking, sensing and moving that determine how you function in the world. Through gentle touch and guided movement we’ll investigate the obstacles to your vitality and create new pathways for connectivity and resilience. With improved self-awareness and an expanded range of options you’ll learn to organize yourself for potent action in any endeavor.

Develop Life Skills that will Serve You at Any Age

I offer private coaching in Exquisite Rest: Sleep and Stress Resilience and Sounder Sleep System® techniques in the interest of helping to create a more sane and peaceful world. Restful sleep is necessary for the healthy function of every system in the body and helps to regulate mood, energy and emotional intelligence.  

These approaches are comprised of a variety of calming and sleep inducing techniques to be used during the day and at bedtime, taught while sitting or lying down. Don’t worry if you fall asleep during your session. Ahhh…indeed! I will create a recording of your program so that you can make reference to it for home practice. 

All private sessions are typically one hour in length. Extended sessions can be arranged with advance notice. On site ergonomic consultations are also available.