Workplace Wellness

Greater complexity outside requires greater clarity inside.
— Chade Meng Tan, founder of Google’s Search Inside Yourself Meditation Program

Life Skills For Embodied Corporate Bodies

MotionSense Exquisite Rest: Sleep and Stress Resilience and MotionSense Ergonomics training programs are offered to visionary companies who believe that a dynamic, creative, emotionally intelligent workforce is the bottom line. 

Our programs provide an array of techniques designed to manage stress, increase vitality and adaptability in the face of today’s high-pressure world.

Unlike traditional approaches, our program offers a custom curriculum designed onsite by a veteran practitioner to provide life skills that extend well beyond the boardroom. 

Learn to sleep better—perform better—enhance creativity—improve mental clarity and focus—all while fostering an environment where thriving is the default setting. Imagine that! 

MotionSense's Workplace Wellness programs are suitable for individuals and groups within the workplace and are easily integrated with existing wellness programs.  We have a broad menu of options available to address your specific needs.