Exquisite Rest: Sleep & Stress Resilience

For fast acting relief, try slowing down.
— Lily Tomlin

Although stress can cause a headache, it’s not something that "just happens" between our ears. When push comes to shove, the rushing cocktail of cortisol and other stress hormones floods every cell in our body, often evoking the fight, flight or freeze response patterns that have ensured our survival as a species.

These bursts of energy that help us slay dragons by day invite the dragon to our bedside at night. We toss, turn, plan, and ruminate ourselves into a perpetual state of hyper activity. Our head hits the pillow at light speed and we wonder why it’s so difficult to have a night of peaceful, restful sleep.

A Good Night’s Sleep Is In Your Hands

Inspired by contemporary neuroscience, current sleep research, mediation and somatic studies, Exquisite Rest: Sleep and Stress Resilience and Sounder Sleep System® techniques are designed to restore our natural capacity to rest, recover and heal from the stress of daily life, one breath, one movement at a time.  The process is elegantly simple and simply profound. 

Change Your Sleep. Change Your Life. Come Snooze With Us!


I offer Exquisite Rest: Sleep & Stress Resilience as private consultations, workshops, and in Workplace Wellness programs. Contact me with questions and for details.