The Living Classroom

Mentoring, Coaching and Practice Development for Feldenkrais® Practitioners

Are you suffering from a touch of amnesia about your exquisite, super-human Feldenkrais powers?

Would your practice benefit from the ongoing expert attention of a long-experienced Feldenkrais Teacher and a small group of peers?

If so, I offer custom designed private and small group coaching sessions where all questions are viewed as a "quest." The possibilities for how we engage are infinite and learning unfolds in creative and satisfying ways.

Our Second SAT of the month, small group peer meeting is based on a model of collaborative inquiry, similar to the way that many FI lessons are structured. We begin with the questions and challenges you are facing in life and practice. Whether you are pondering how to create a series of meaningful lessons for your brand new client, self use issues or delving into mysterious neurological conditions, your questions become the point of embarkation for our collective journey. Together we examine a range of intriguing possibilities and then create steps for developing, testing and applying creative solutions.

Sometimes a client joins us to offer personal insight into how Feldenkrais studies have influenced their motion through life. These dynamic discussions lead into active demonstrations and collaborative tag team lesson "strategizing." They also provide a perfect opportunity to work with a type of client you may not have encountered in your practice. You get a VIP guided tour into what it’s like to live with conditions such as MS or Cerebral Palsy from an expert’s perspective. When the client leaves, we delve into brainstorming future lessons guided by their unique needs and our observations.

It’s a living classroom that calls on you to bring forth, what those many hours on the floor have taught you. Our process shines the light on what you already know, creates space for you to articulate it and build on it in a safe learning environment, with monthly follow up. You will begin to connect the dots in ways you never have in terms of referencing ATM lesson material and relating it to FI practice. Contact me if you’d like to join us for a trial session.


Becci has a deep and nuanced understanding of the method. That’s true of many, but she has unique way of communicating clearly without losing the nuance. Her observation skills are golden, and she can help you grow your confidence in your own. Becci has had a long and broad practice, including experience with the medical world that I find extremely helpful for contextualizing the problems my clients bring. Best of all, she shares her knowledge with grace, compassion and humor.
— Sheri Cohen
I can’t recommend Becci’s mentoring sessions enough. I’ve been part of the Saturday group for a couple of years and it’s a huge part of what sustains my learning and growth as a practitioner. One of my favorite things about it is that Becci does not present herself as knowing more than anyone else in the group and always encourages us to answer each other’s questions and figure out what we already know before chiming in.
— Rachel Hamstra