Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement®  

photo: Raul Campoverde

photo: Raul Campoverde

[The feeling of]...rightness emerges within us as a clarity, a coherence of the so-called inner and outer worlds and subsequent feelings of harmony.
— Dennis Leri, Guild Certified Feldenkrais Trainer

Sensing Differences

In group Awareness Through Movement classes, I verbally lead you through precisely structured movement explorations, carefully guiding your attention to   your bodily sensations and the qualities that support your movement. It’s a delightful opportunity to learn experientially, through you own discovery, how to move more comfortably and more efficiently. The learning achieved in class applies to all aspects of human functioning, including improved performance in arts and sports, avoiding workplace strain, and more comfort in daily activities like walking, sitting, and reaching. 

Making Distinctions

Awareness Through Movement classes also provide a fertile ground for cultivating emotional resilience. In movement and in life, as we develop the capacity to meet the demands of a stressful moment and the flexibility to return to a state of equanimity in a relatively short amount of time, we create space.  We hit the ‘pause/refresh’ button, interrupt habitual reactions and broaden the options for how we choose to respond to the moment.

Creating Options

Classes are taught in a series format and are suitable for first-time students. You may join a series-in-progress as a drop-in student on a space-available basis. 

I offer Awareness Through Movement as a weekly class and in Workplace Wellness programs. Contact me with questions and for details.