Roots & Branches: Managing Peripheral Neuropathy

photo: Thomas Arthur

photo: Thomas Arthur

To make the impossible possible, the possible easy, and the easy elegant.
— Moshe Feldenkrais

Peripheral neuropathy is no cakewalk. The buzzing, tingling and hyper-sensitivity in hands and feet can be maddening. Not to mention the loss of coordination, difficulty with balance and in some cases, chronic pain. While medication can mediate some of the symptoms of PN, many individuals are left with "the tincture of time" to wait for damaged nerves to heal. 

This class series provides valuable resources for supporting the natural process of healing through gentle movement activities. By stimulating the sensory and motor pathways of the nervous system that orient, guide and coordinate everyday actions such as, balancing, reaching, grasping and weight shifting we improve our capacity to perform these functions. 

These classes are taught in a series format. Due to the developmental nature of the material, single class drop-in is not an option. If you have questions about your ability to participate, contact me. 

I offer Roots & Branches: Managing Peripheral Neuropathy as private consultations, workshops, and in Workplace Wellness programs. Contact me with questions and for details.